International online conference Russian Coatings Market: results, expectations, forecasts

Participation in the online conference offers delegates the following advantages:

  • The avoidance of risk to catch COVID-2019
  • A steep reduction in spending on a flight, accommodation and registration
  • A possibility of participating for everyone, including representatives of multinational companies’ headquarters, regardless of the citizenship and the place of residence
  • The affordability of the registration to small and medium-size businesses
  • Free access to conference materials (reports, discussions, comments, audio and video content)

Together with our IT team, we created an online conference platform that is as close to the format of our usual offline events as possible.

The key features and differences between an online conference and streaming/a webinar:

  • Real-time speeches
  • Active involvement in discussions through questions and comments
  • Online networking via text, video and audio chats with any conference attendee
  • Personal negotiations in audio and video chat rooms

For more information about the participation, presentations and fees, please contact project managers.